Bringing the Weis Markets Weekly Circular to Life and Onto Our Dinner Table #cbias


I love a good challenge – especially when it has to do with savvy shopping!

Today’s challenge: head to my local Weis Grocery Store and shop for deals found in this week’s circular.

I think I can say that 99% of every grocery store trip that I do starts with a look through the circular.  I skim the circular for the best deals, using my knowledge of typical rock bottom prices for all sorts of products.  After I find the deals that interest me, I start to think about what meals I can make using these products throughout the week for my family.  Finally, I match up the products that I intend to purchase with any available coupons to further decrease my out-of-pocket spending.

I have shopped at Weis before – but this trip was going to be my first experience in the newest, nearest store to me (Doylestown, PA for local readers).  It was nice to have a location just 10 minutes from my house!

Last night I planned out my trip.  I started on the Weis website and quickly found their circular for this week.

Weis Website

After choosing my local store, I was ready to start looking at the available deals.

Weis choose a store

The online version of the Weis circular was easy to work with.  You can enlarge images, skip to different pages or choose to go to specific products based on category.

Weis Circular

My initial plan was to find a handful of items in particular that interested me.  I marked those with a green heart (see images below).  I knew that once I got to the store I would pick up a paper circular and find a few additional products to compliment my meal plan.

Items on Circular 1 Items on Circular 2 Items on Circular 4 Items on Circular 3

I made my list, cut out some coupons and planned to head to the store the next morning!  My list contained some breakfast options (toast, English muffins), lunch (Lean Cuisines, chips, pretzels, yogurt) and two dinners (featuring various seafood products, fresh produce and rice and potato sides).

This morning we were ready to shop!

I had my list, my coupons, my Weis store card and of course my trusty shopping assistant.

weis shopping list

weis store card

lily shopping

Once we arrived at Weis, the first thing I did was pick up a copy of the circular so that I could glance at it as we shopped.

weis paper circular

We had a great time perusing everything Weis had to offer – and the sales this week were great, especially if you’re into grilling (YUM!!).  Lots of grill-able produce, meat and other complimentary products were on sale.

We located everything on our list with relative ease and of course, several have-to-have-it impulse items sneaked into our cart.  The store itself was really nice.  It was large, spacious and there were many different departments offering everything from fresh baked goods to prepared deli salads and meats.

weis bakery

One thing that I noted was the huge produce section – with really fresh looking fruits and veggies.  I grabbed the asparagus that was on my list as well as some delicious looking corn for the grill and a BASIL plant.  LOVE fresh basil!!



basil plant

I was impressed with the variety of products that Weis keeps in stock.  Whether I was picking out my Lean Cuisines, Mrs. Paul’s seafood or Ore Ida frozen potatoes – the options were plentiful.

ore ida potato products

ore ida frozen potatoes

mrs pauls seafood

lean cuisines

Here are a few more advertised deals that I couldn’t help but pick up!

english muffins

weis baked beans

weis burger buns

weis tartar sauce

Of course, you most likely know my alter ego and know that she LOVES a good bargain.  I was thrilled to find this cart with HALF PRICE baked goods.  All have sell-by dates of tomorrow so I picked up bagels for just over a dollar per bag to throw in my freezer.  I also got a tray of danish for less than $3 – a great breakfast treat that won’t last more than a day or so in this house.

clearance baked goods

Checkout was seamless.  Our store loyalty card literally cut our total in HALF.  Then we saved another few dollars with our coupons.

weis checkout

Thanks to shopping the sales circular at Weis, I was able to pick up several dinners, lunches and breakfasts worth of food (plus extras!) for LESS than $60.  I consider that to be a great bargain – especially considering the fact that I only used a minimal amount of coupons (3).

We now have dinners (and each of these boxes of seafood will provide 2 meals) –

dinner one

dinner two

potato sides

Lunches for me and yogurt for Lily –


And literally breakfast for the three of us for probably more than two weeks!

breakfast items

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ #CBias #SocialFabric  All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.