Hummus Veggie Garden


You shoulda seen me on Easter Sunday.

I already told you I hosted dinner for my family.  They were very gracious and complimentary and seemed genuinely happy with everything we served.  But I kept waiting – JUST WAITING – for them to laugh at me as I pulled one Pinterest-inspired dish after another out of my fridge.  But they didn’t – they simply ooo’d and ahhh’d and let me, the very UNcreative girl, have a little moment to shine.

With all that being said, I figured if there was one dish that was really going to make them giggle, it would be this one – my hummus veggie garden.  This thing was sickly cute – but it only takes a second to realize that this is one of the most simplistic things you could ever attempt to make.

I kid you not.

Here is how easy this one is – feel free to swap out veggies that I used for ones your family likes better.

You will need:

Hummus (store bought or homemade, any variety… just get enough to give you at least half an inch thick base in whatever dish you intend to use)

Fresh veggies, uncooked (I used baby carrots, broccoli and celery)

Pretzels for the “fence” (I used the square pretzels because I had them left over from making Bunny Bites.  You could also use the small pretzel sticks.)

How to make:

Spread your hummus in a small dish.  You could really get creative here – use a terracotta pot or other type of planter to give it a “garden” feel.  I searched my local Walmart but couldn’t find anything that was JUST RIGHT, so I settled for a small rectangular pyrex dish.


Now stick several rows of vegetables into the hummus dip  – mimicking a farmer’s field of plants.


Next, use the pretzels to make a “fence” around the vegetable garden.


Place this dish onto a larger plate and fill the empty space with lots of fresh veggies.

IMG_1528 - Copy


No kidding – I think this took me 10 minutes from start to finish.  That includes rinsing all veggies and cutting the celery.