Turning Gevalia Single Serve Coffee Cups into My Afternoon Escape #CupOfKaffe #cbias #SocialFabric

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That tricky time of day when my energy starts to wane, the kid may or may not take a nap, dinner must be started.  Caffeine is almost always a must and the better my coffee tastes, the more my mood improves.

I remember many many moons ago, back in high school maybe, when my mom received a monthly shipment of coffee.  It wasn’t just any coffee – it was Gevalia.  At that time the only way you could enjoy the rich taste of Gevalia coffee was to order it via snail mail.

Thankfully, times have change.

Today I had exactly 45 minutes between the time I dropped Lily off at preschool and when I had to return to school for their Mother’s Day program.  Time was fleeting and every second counted.  I needed to pick up some KCups for my afternoon dose of caffeine, as well as a few things for dinner.  So not only can Gevalia now be purchased in stores nationwide, you can also find their traditional roast coffee in SINGLE CUP FORM.  Perfect for Keurig addicts such as myself.

I wasted no time getting to my local Walmart and racing back to the coffee aisle.  You can see I was at absolutely no loss for selection.


Fortunately those YELLOW Gevalia boxes stand out, even in a crowd.  I zeroed in on the three available varieties and had to decide which one to take home.





My choice!

I went with a mild-medium roast – the Signature Blend.


Can you even believe how many single cup options there are these days?!



I headed to the checkout (express lane, thank you very much!) and found myself feeling thankful that Walmart carried these Kcups so that I could also pick up a few items for our dinners this week without having to make another stop.IMG_2073

I made it back to preschool on time, tried not to cry as Lily and her friends sang and paraded around their moms.  We made a craft together, ate a snack, listened to a story and then it was time to head home.

We arrived home and it was straight to nap for her, though the verdict was still out on whether or not she would actually fall sleep.  No matter.  I revved up the computer and turned on the coffeemaker – ready for my afternoon reward.

So really, the only question was… hot or cold?






Cold brew won today!

The temperature is creeping towards 80 F so an icy afternoon escape was absolutely the answer I was looking for.  I rely on the fact that Gevalia is never bitter – something that can’t be said for all coffees.  I prefer a smooth blend rather than bitter… and that’s just what I got.

Lily never did end up taking a nap this afternoon… but she did stay up in her room for some “quiet” time for about an hour.  That gave me plenty of time to enjoy my drink, answer a few emails and I even tossed dinner in the crock pot to enjoy when we return home from her riding lesson tonight.

It may not be much, but to me it made a difference!


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