My First Summer Herb Garden

herb garden

Five years ago I barely knew the names of more than 3 herbs. I most CERTAINLY did not know how to cook with them. But I liked the idea of broadening my horizons (and palette) and vowed to try to incorporate herbs into more and more of my cooking.

Fresh herbs are now my very favorite ingredient and on many evenings you will find us using an array of fresh herbs to cook our dinner dishes.

One thing that I have never had, yet wanted, was an herb garden. Every now and then I would try to grow a simple basil plant in my windowsill and every. single. time those suckers would die. More water, less water, water from the top, water from the bottom, less sun, more sun… the end result was always a shriveled and sad looking plant.

This year we decided to make raised beds for our vegetable gardens. As Bob planned out the size and design of the beds, I requested a space big enough to try growing some herbs.

My wish was granted and I got a nice long bed JUST for herbs. We only planted our seedlings about 2 weeks ago but thanks to days that have alternated monsoon rain with full shining sunlight, they are really taking off! Two nights ago I cut the very first herbs (Rosemary!) from the garden and used it to season our boneless skinless chicken breasts. In.credible.

I am looking forward to a summer filled with fresh salsa, Caprese salads and minty iced tea and coffee!

Do you grow herbs in your garden? What kind?

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