ABC Touch Pad by B kids Toy Review + 10% Discount Offer


I am a B kids Ambassador.  This means that I get to share what my family thinks about some of their products.  All opinions are 100% my own.

As the arrival of baby #2 grows ever closer (October!) we have been re-discovering more and more of Lily’s baby toys that had been packed away into closets, totes, etc over the past 5 years.  Every toy that makes its way out of storage receives an impressive “OOOO” and “Ahhhhh” from Lily – along with the proclamation, “I remember this!  I LOVED THIS TOY.”  (Repeat that conversation about 40 times and you’ll be up to date with “Old Toy Re-Discovery ’13.”)

We are adding some new toys to the mix and a couple of them have come from the B kids line of toys.  B kids offers a whole array of toys for the younger crowd, specializing in the “colorful and educational” realm with toys that will not just entertain, but teach.  Lily was only too happy to give their toys a test drive for her baby brother.  It’s funny how even though she’s only a few years past playing with infant toys, they now seem to have a whole new exciting quality to her.  I know that she’s going to have a blast teaching her brother how to use them.


The first toy that we received from B kids was their ABC Touch Pad.  Super bright and colorful, this rugged toy is recommended for ages 6 months+.  Design-wise it mimics a traditional tablet, but instead of a touchscreen, there are big chunky buttons for little ones to interact with.

This toy has three different modes:

Learning Time – learn letters, numbers, animal sounds and shapes

Game Fun – develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Music Play – buttons act as piano keys and play music when pushed


The buttons on the ABC Touch Pad also light up so babies can interact with those as well as the sounds.

Lily loved the sounds and noises that this toy made… I loved the sturdy feel and the durable construction.  The ABC Touch Pad is a good size for little ones and will hold up to their dropping, drooling, etc.

Requires 3 AAA batteries (included!).

Retail price – $25

Discount Code – Save 10% on any purchase at with promo code CountryLiving.

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