The Twilight Equine Serenade

There are days (many of them, in fact) when I experience a potpourri of feelings when it comes to my kid.

“Be still my heart, she is literally THE sweetest creature on Earth!”

“There is no way that I possibly birthed such a wild beast.”

“If she dirties one more outfit today I’m enrolling her in laundry lessons (child labor laws be damned).”

“My kid is pretty smart.”

“My kid is a big ‘ol nerd.”

“Please stop growing up so fast.”

“I take that back… Grow up JUST quick enough to keep your room clean, bath yourself and possibly cook me dinner.”

And like I said, most days I experience at least, oh, three of these sentiments (if not more).

Yesterday was of those days where I felt all of those feelings, all at once.

It was early evening and I was doing my nightly ritual of making dinner/writing blog posts/cleaning up layers of piled up crap in the kitchen. Lily walks in wearing outfit #3 of the day, mismatched shoes and carrying her trusty accordion. Several years ago she became fixated on accordions and it was all she wanted for Christmas. Lo and behold, my sister was able to find a kiddie version. Though she can’t play the thing to save her life, EVERY once in awhile she hits a chord that transports me to the French Riviera. Or at least, what I’d imagine the French Riviera to be like as it would take way too many sedatives to get me on a transatlantic flight.

Back to the kitchen.

Lily: Mom! I’m just going to go outside and play my accordion for the horses. I think they will LOVE it!

She walks outside and this is what I see:

lj accordion

Notice how the horses are enjoying their hay in the ring?

She continues to play and I giggle uncontrollably as not just one, but all four horses turn their backs to the music and make their way out to the field.

lj accordion 2

Within seconds I watch Lily turn and stomp back to the house.

“Can you BELIEVE THOSE HORSES?! They did NOT even like the music!! Hmmmpppphhhh!”

I nodded apologetically in her direction and continued on with my dinner-hour-multitasking while trying not to explode in laughter.

My sweet, wild, nerdy-but-smart beast of a kid is growing up way too fast. I wish it would slow down a little bit, but maybe she’ll cook me some dinner tomorrow night.