Elf on the Shelf: Week 3 in Review

It’s hard to believe, but Elf 2013 is drawing to a close!  Tomorrow night Oboe will catch a ride with Old St. Nick back to the North Pole where he will stay until next year.

This week has been a fun one with our elf.

First he was up for some ziplining fun, scaling the space between the cabinets and our dining room table.

121613 elf on the shelf

Christmas stories were on tap the next day as Oboe left Lily and Landon a few Christmas books to enjoy.

122013 elf on the shelf

I guess Oboe never got around to ordering his Christmas cards this year, so instead he simply mailed himself!

121813 elf on the shelf

The next night a midnight binge on sweets seemed to leave him down for the count.

121713 elf on the shelf

Then of course, was the completely awesome morning when he left ingredients for growing a MAGIC CHRISTMAS GARDEN… only to come back the next morning to show off the magic!

Elf on the Shelf Magic Christmas Garden d

Elf on the Shelf Magic Christmas Garden m

Elf on the Shelf Magic Christmas Garden n

The next morning found him, you know, just hangin’ around!

121913 elf on the shelf

Which leads us to this morning…   seems Oboe got a little thirsty last night, but, a silly elf would never just drink right from a cup!  He got a little creative!

122113a elf on the shelf

122113b elf on the shelf

122113 c elf on the shelf