Make Your Own Snow Paint

snow paint wm 1

We have already been subjected to several pretty impressive snow storms so far this season…. seems like as soon as one snowfall melts, another falls.

Lily absolutely LOVES playing in the snow and would spend hours outside if I let her.  Today we whipped up one of the easiest concoctions out there – and she literally squealed in delight and spent more than an hour enjoying herself.

Make snow “paint” and create some bright and colorful patterns in the snow.

All you need:

Spray bottles
Food coloring (I used the gel-type coloring for even darker hues)

Fill each water bottle up with 2-3 inches of water.

snow paint wm 2

Add a few drops of food coloring.  Stop when the water reaches your preferred shade.

snow paint wm 3

Put the top on your bottle and shake lightly to mix.

snow paint wm 4

Take outside and have fun spraying all that snow!  One word of caution – I would make sure kids only spray this on snow covering grass… after all it is made with dye.  Don’t want to come out in the Spring and find food-dye-stained patio stones or deck boards!

snow paint wm 5

snow paint wm 6

snow paint wm 7

snow paint wm 8