Egg Carton Counting Activity

I used to use all sorts of counting activities to help my students learn their 1, 2, 3’s. Egg Carton Counting is one of the easiest – and it’s very simple to tote around the house. You will need: Empty (clean) egg carton Permanent marker Beans (or similar small objects for counting) Ziploc bag How … Read more

How to Make Homemade Silly Putty (2 Ingredients!)

Today was one of those days where I sat back and thought, “Wow.  Pinterest really makes me appear to be a very creative mother.”  LOL  That is SO not the case – I’m as boring as they come.  But I just love taking simple ideas and watching Lily Bean have a blast in the process. … Read more

hot chocolate spoon stirrers

I happened upon this craft in the February issue of Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine.  It looked simple enough and I loved the Valentine’s Day twist on a traditional treat – achieved simply using red and pink sprinkles and Conversation Hearts. You will need: Chocolate chips – any variety (milk, dark, white) – I used Hershey’s white … Read more

valentine’s day craft, recipe and card idea round up

I have been pinning up a STORM lately on my Valentine’s Day Board over on Pinterest.  SO MANY creative ideas – many of which don’t look too difficult. Here are some of them to spark your creativity! Valentine Card Ideas Valentine’s “Love Juice” from At Second Street “Hooked on You” Valentine from U Create With … Read more

peanut butter bird feeders

A couple of weeks ago I came across a coupon from a local store for a completely free bag of bird seed – no purchase required.  We picked up our free bag and I set it aside for the next time that I had my niece, Ava Dee, over for the day. The girls went … Read more