Paint Trickle Pumpkins

So. If you have been following on my Facebook page, you know that it’s been living-without-power-mania here.  Our surrounding area (Philadelphia suburbs) has been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.  The destruction is everywhere – mostly in the form of extreme wind damage as we were spared some of the flooding rain that was originally forecast.  Most … Read more

Birthday Balloon Wake-Up Call

Another idea I gleaned from one of MANY Pinterest posts… fill your kid’s room with balloons on the eve of her birthday as she sleeps.  Imagine the excitement when she wakes up and sees the balloon wonderland! Bob and I used the air compressor to blow up 100 balloons.  We actually blew them up a … Read more

Positive Reinforcement with Good Bucks

After years in the classroom, using positive reinforcement as a behavior management technique is pretty much second nature to me. I like to “catch” Lily being good and reinforce when she is making a good choice. With that thought in mind, I made up “Good Bucks.” They are really just 4×8 photo cards and I … Read more

Olympics for Kids – Craft and Activity Ideas

Our house is PUMPED for the upcoming 2012 Summer Games in London.  My favorite part of any Olympics is the opening games, followed by a bunch of the actual events, including gymnastics and equestrian competitions. Be sure to check out my Olympics Fun Pinterest Board for all SORTS of craft, activity and snack ideas to … Read more