Coming Soon: Elf on the Shelf 2011

mama cheaps elf on the shelf

Two years ago we started a fantastic tradition in our family, and I invite your family to join us as we continue with it this year!

I first heard of The Elf on the Shelf from my sister. A student of hers had one and told her about the story. We both decided that this was definitely something that we would share with our daughters.

The Elf on the Shelf set arrives with a book telling the elf’s story and an elf himself (available in different skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors).

This is the basic concept of the elf story: The elf works for Santa. Every year after Thanksgiving your very same family elf returns to your house from the North Pole. You see, Santa has so much going on in preparation for Christmas. He needs some extra help keeping an eye on all of the children of the world, and your elf has been assigned to your family by Santa to watch the children and their behavior.

Your family gets to name your elf when he first arrives.

Then each and every night, after everyone goes to sleep, the elf travels back to the North Pole to report that day’s behavior to Santa. The elf comes back in the morning, and hides somewhere in your house. Your family can have fun seeing who can find the elf in his new hiding spot first- BUT- the elf must NEVER EVER be touched by children- or else some of his magic might wear off, forever. On Christmas Eve, you’ll bid your elf goodbye. He will hop a ride back to the North Pole on Santa’s sleigh… until next year when he will be back!

I am so very excited to continue the elf tradition in our family this year. Even though she was so young last year, Lily Bean loved helping me find the elf each morning. I know she’ll have a blast with it.  Lily Bean has named our elf OBOE.

And so, of course, like so many things in our lives, I’d like to share this tradition with YOU! Check back each day after Thanksgiving to see where our elf was found.

Want to start your very own elf tradition? Look below for where to purchase.

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