Project Life Tuesday: Week 6

Time for another update on my Project Life album! Week 6 Kits used: Project Life Core Kit – Honey Edition Photo Layout Pages used: Design A & Design D Week 6 covers two weeks at the end of March.  Winter was coming at us with a final blow of snow and cold.  There was nursery … Read more

Project Life Tuesday: Week 5

Today was yet another day that I pulled out my Project Life album with the sole intention of snapping my pictures for this week’s post… and it was yet another day that Lily and I ended up sitting down and pouring through the entire album from start to finish. I don’t think I will get … Read more

Project Life Tuesday: Week 4

OMG. I know. A post two days in a row. Don’t pass out! 🙂 This week’s excerpt from my Project Life album is from February 10 – February 16, 2013.  We had a busy week – so much so that it required a 4 page spread! Ballet recital costumes came in which was SUPER exciting … Read more

Project Life Tuesday: Week 3

Chugging right along, today I am sharing the 3rd week that I completed in my Project Life scrapbook. We had returned from our winter cruise and were getting used to the frigid weather after a week in the tropics.  The big highlight of the week was the awards banquet for the horse show association where … Read more

Project Life Tuesday: Week 2

I can’t help it – I LOVE how my Project Life scrapbook is taking shape! The pages are so pretty and eye-catching. The ability to mix my pictures with my words and anecdotal stories and memories is so liberating. I am not stuck to a two-page spread per week of life… I can cut it … Read more