Chocolate Cheesecake Filled Strawberries

For Easter dessert this year, we made two desserts that were new to our traditional menu.  One was the Lemon Poke Cake that I posted about earlier this week and the other was cheesecake and chocolate filled strawberries. And O.M.G. were they DELICIOUS! This recipe was inspired by my trusty Kraft Food and Family Magazine … Read more

How to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Oreos

Chocolate makes just about anything taste better, in my humble opinion.  This week I treated myself to the Wilton Chocolate Pro and today I had the first chance to give it a whirl.  The neat thing about this contraption is that it eliminates the (annoying) need to heat and reheat chocolate as you work with … Read more

Easter Candy Making with Chocolate Candy Melts

I am by NO means a chocolatier – unless, of course, eating a lot of chocolate qualifies you as some sort of expert.  But I doubt it. This morning Lily, my stepmom and myself tried our hand at some Easter candy making and I have to say – they didn’t turn out half bad!  I … Read more

hot chocolate spoon stirrers

I happened upon this craft in the February issue of Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine.  It looked simple enough and I loved the Valentine’s Day twist on a traditional treat – achieved simply using red and pink sprinkles and Conversation Hearts. You will need: Chocolate chips – any variety (milk, dark, white) – I used Hershey’s white … Read more