{Happy 4th Birthday, Lily!} Tips and Ideas for a Pony Party

On a warm and sunny September day last fall, we woke up bright and early.  There was a BIG mission for our day – to throw the best pony party ever, ending in a super special surprise for our little equestrian birthday girl.  We told Lily at the end of the day that there was … Read more

{Pony Party} How to Make a Wooden Stick Horse

If you are planning a pony themed party, stick horses are that final touch that can have the kids ooo’ing and the parents ahhh’ing. Depending on your taste and the depth of your wallet, this can be an expensive touch. You can get blow up vinyl stick horses for about $4 each. These are very … Read more

Pizza at Home Night

This isn’t really a recipe post. Nor is it a product review. It’s more of a “I-made-this. It-was-good.” post.  (Whatever that means.) The other night we made pizza.  This is already uncharted territory for me because I have our local pizza place on speed dial.  But I wanted to try the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten … Read more

Make It – Alphabet Vase Teacher Gift

I made this for Lily’s teacher for the first day of school.  It was fairly simple – I took a glass container and laid plastic letters (the magnets!) down one side at a time.  I taped a piece of card stock behind each side and then stuck a half pint ball jar inside the vase … Read more

Patriotic Chocolate Marshmallow Pops

What do you do when you have already-melted chocolate and sprinkles left over from flag strawberries, sticks left over from cake pops and marshmallows left over from cake batter Rice Krispie treats? I came up with these little treats – they will look perfect amid other patriotic themed desserts.  You can put them on a … Read more