Perler Bead Cookie Cutter Holiday Ornaments

Every year, for better or worse, my friend Amy and I make some sort of holiday tree ornament en masse with the kiddies. We try to pick something easy and cute, something that we can gift to the grandmothers, aunties, etc. Inevitably, almost every year, we run into some sort of issue while knee-deep in … Read more

Project Life Tuesday: Week 6

Time for another update on my Project Life album! Week 6 Kits used: Project Life Core Kit – Honey Edition Photo Layout Pages used: Design A & Design D Week 6 covers two weeks at the end of March.  Winter was coming at us with a final blow of snow and cold.  There was nursery … Read more

Project Life Tuesday: Week 5

Today was yet another day that I pulled out my Project Life album with the sole intention of snapping my pictures for this week’s post… and it was yet another day that Lily and I ended up sitting down and pouring through the entire album from start to finish. I don’t think I will get … Read more

Project Life Tuesday: Week 4

OMG. I know. A post two days in a row. Don’t pass out! 🙂 This week’s excerpt from my Project Life album is from February 10 – February 16, 2013.  We had a busy week – so much so that it required a 4 page spread! Ballet recital costumes came in which was SUPER exciting … Read more

Simple Halloween and Fall Decorating Ideas

Gourds. Every year I look at the piles and piles of gourds that are for sale – you can find them everywhere from the local farm to your neighborhood Walmart. Usually cheap in price, gourds are colorful and certainly symbolic of the fall/harvest/Halloween season. Be that as it were, every year I’d find myself stumped … Read more