The Days When I JUST. DON’T. CARE.

I know that I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to easy-going kids.  Most days I can convince Lily to wear whatever outfit I choose for her, though I’ll be the first to admit, we have, on more than one occasion, butted heads over various outfits, shoe selections or even what bows to wear. Small … Read more

The Twilight Equine Serenade

There are days (many of them, in fact) when I experience a potpourri of feelings when it comes to my kid. “Be still my heart, she is literally THE sweetest creature on Earth!” “There is no way that I possibly birthed such a wild beast.” “If she dirties one more outfit today I’m enrolling her … Read more

Sweet Summertime

It’s hot. Humid. Sultry. Insultingly sticky. But when you’re 4, and you have a watering hole to cool off in, well, life just isn’t that bad.

Thanks for the Entertainment, Mirena!

Okay. I get it. Most doctor offices are pretty bare bones when it comes to decorative accents.  My OB/GYN office is a classic example.  Each patient room offers little-to-no-frills.  An oversized watercolor poster or perhaps a poster depicting stages of pregnancy and/or reproductive organs adorn one wall while the rest remain bare.  The wallpaper is … Read more