Simple Halloween and Fall Decorating Ideas

Gourds. Every year I look at the piles and piles of gourds that are for sale – you can find them everywhere from the local farm to your neighborhood Walmart. Usually cheap in price, gourds are colorful and certainly symbolic of the fall/harvest/Halloween season. Be that as it were, every year I’d find myself stumped … Read more

Easy Halloween Craft: Mason Jar Mummies

Bob and I threw these together yesterday and put them on our kitchen windowsill. I still can’t believe how something so simple could end up being one of my very favorite decorations! To make your own little family of mummies, here’s what you need: Mason Jars (any size, up to you) Googly Eyes Glue (I … Read more

Paint Trickle Pumpkins

So. If you have been following on my Facebook page, you know that it’s been living-without-power-mania here.  Our surrounding area (Philadelphia suburbs) has been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.  The destruction is everywhere – mostly in the form of extreme wind damage as we were spared some of the flooding rain that was originally forecast.  Most … Read more

Happy Hauntings at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA

Every year we have run into the same problem – trying to find fun Halloween events for our toddler-now-preschooler that are NOT scary. Last weekend we had the chance to check out Happy Hauntings at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA. They advertised a non-spooky, kid-friendly event with themed rides, special entertainment, tasty treats and even … Read more