Happy Hunger Games!

My Facebook fans are in on a little secret: I am one of those saps that absolutely, without a doubt, CANNOT wait to see The Hunger Games movie. I stumbled upon this little obsession innocently enough: more and more friends were talking about the books, posting about the books. Every time I went to look … Read more

Cafe de Lily

Lily: Mom, here is your menu so you can see what food we have at the restaurant. *hands me a wooden postcard from Melissa and Doug post office set* Me: Thanks!  Wow – it all sounds delicious.  Do you have any sandwiches? Lily:  No…  other people just ate them all. Me:  Oh.  Ok.  Do you … Read more

Sometimes We All Have Days…

that feel like this… no? p.s. Yes, she did this to herself. She is actually screaming with laughter. Yes, she is a wild woman.