Snow Ice Cream

It has taken me about 4 years and a dozen snow storms to FINALLY make some snow ice cream with Lily.  I knew that it would be incredibly easy, but for whatever reason, we never ended up making it… until this afternoon! Making ice cream out of snow is a cinch – and it only … Read more

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Well, it has happened. I am now a homemade-ice-cream-making-fool. After our first attempt last week, strawberry ice cream, I quickly started to realize that the possibilities are endless. The clincher was when I pulled a carton of store-bought ice cream out of the freezer and read through the ingredients. YECH! Between the chemicals and preservatives … Read more

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

Last night I finally conquered a LIFE QUEST of mine – to make homemade ice cream!  I have talked up a storm about churning out gallons and gallons of ice cream and FINALLY gave it a try.  I’ll admit – when it all was said and done and I was staring at some honest to … Read more

Fancy Ice Cream Sandwiches

I was playing around with different 4th of July dessert ideas and this one has CUTE and SIMPLE all over it.  I love that just by changing your sprinkles, you can use this dessert for any occasion or holiday. You may notice that I actually made these inside the freezer.  It’s dreadfully hot here so … Read more

Sundae School: The Ice Cream Parlor That Gives Me Happy Anxiety

It’s hot here. Like, real hot. Like, the kind of hot that has to be God’s funny science experiment that he calls “Hell Simulation.”  When you walk outside the heat and humidity feel like someone just threw a wet washcloth (that is on FIRE) in your face. You get it. Sometimes when the weather is … Read more