pinterest 101: making boards and how to pin

I’m glad that so many of you enjoy the first installment of my pinterest 101 series! This latest episode takes you past registering for a new account and will teach you how to create new Pinterest boards and how to pin pictures/posts onto those boards. Check it out: Want to see more Pinterest How-To vids? … Read more

pinterest 101: what is

For those of you thinking about joining Pinterest, here is a VERY brief overview of WHAT Pinterest is and how it can be used.  (Yes, I agree, I have a lot of nerve calling a 7+ minute video BRIEF.)  🙂 Look for more episodes later this week to get you started once you have joined!

That All-Important, Quintessential First Post

Here it is. Here I am. This is my brand new blog. I’d love to write something wickedly inspiring to kick this one off – you know, something with a lot of GUSTO that really grabs the reader in and seals a lifelong friendship.  But it’s approaching midnight, my eyelids are propped open with toothpicks … Read more