Make Your Own Snow Paint

We have already been subjected to several pretty impressive snow storms so far this season…. seems like as soon as one snowfall melts, another falls. Lily absolutely LOVES playing in the snow and would spend hours outside if I let her.  Today we whipped up one of the easiest concoctions out there – and she … Read more

Paint Trickle Pumpkins

So. If you have been following on my Facebook page, you know that it’s been living-without-power-mania here.  Our surrounding area (Philadelphia suburbs) has been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.  The destruction is everywhere – mostly in the form of extreme wind damage as we were spared some of the flooding rain that was originally forecast.  Most … Read more

Make Your Own – Simple Framed Chalkboard Tutorial

For Lily’s birthday party, I kept picturing this lovely chalkboard propped up on hay bales that welcomed people to the party with a big ‘ol “Happy 4th Birthday, Lily!” on it.  When I started to price out the purchase of a new frame, wood or plexiglass to go inside of it, paint, etc, I really … Read more