Hot Cocoa Bar with Marshmallow Snowman Stirrers

On Christmas Eve this year we served a spread of food, desserts and drinks.  We usually leave the Keurig on with a bowl of KCups and if we remember, we’ll stick some hot chocolate packets on the counter as well. This year, I decided that we just HAD to set up a HOT COCOA BAR.  … Read more

Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Ornaments

Every year my friend Amy and I attempt to make some sort of Christmas tree ornament with the kiddies. Last year we made cinnamon applesauce ornaments. This year our ornaments were simply going to be throw-color-and-sparkles-into-glass-balls-and-write-kids’-names-and-year-on-back ornaments.  But when we got knee-deep into the project, we realized that the balls were not coming out the … Read more