Apple Pie Frappuccino at Starbucks

I have another “not on the menu” Frappuccino that you can try out at Starbucks.  This one is especially good for anyone who does not like a coffee taste – there is no coffee flavoring in this frap. Apple Pie Frappuccino First line: cream base Second line: apple juice base One pump Cinnamon Dolce Syrup … Read more

How to Make a Snickers Frappuccino at Starbucks

Remember in National Lampoon’s Vacation when Clark says he is “on a quest to see a moose?” That’s how Biker Bob and I are feeling right now – but our “quest” is about trying different SECRET frappuccino flavors at Starbucks.  Secret just means that these flavor combos are not found on the Starbucks menu.  Most … Read more

Starbucks Coffee Teacher Gift Ideas

If a Starbucks gift card is your teacher gift of choice, be sure to check out these super cute ideas  – most come with FREE printable templates making it easier than ever to create a homemade gift card holder! First up – from my own site – Thanks a Latte gift card holders.  Choose from … Read more

The Leaky Starbucks Cup (And How to Avoid Disaster)

This is going to sound ridiculous. I know. But I’m going to share it anyway. We are slightly addicted to Starbucks.  If you are on my Facebook page, you’re already well-aware of that fact. But no matter how much I love Starbucks, there is one thing that I can’t stand.  If I am going to … Read more